Stuff Journalists Like – #69 Dating Other Journalists

Journalists spend more time inside the confines of a newsroom than they do at home or at drinking establishments. So much so, they almost write out their rent checks to their editors. After spending more than 40 50 60 hours a week at work, it’s only a matter of time before journalists are sharing more than just notes and bylines with their co-workers. So it’s not surprising journalists like to date other journalists.

Journalists’ code of ethics forbid being in bed with sources but the code says nothing about being in bed with a fellow journalist.

Journalists like dating each other because only journalists understand the phrase: “Not tonight dear, I’m on deadline.”

Attempts to date people outside of the newsroom who cannot name gubernatorial candidates from 1995, have a limited vocabulary and who don’t know who Hunter S. Thompson is will only lead to a return to dating journalists.

Hiding an office romance in a news-gathering organization is ultimately futile. Within days weeks months, snooping journalists will soon discover the tryst – but usually long after the relationship has ended.

Dating other journalists often results in “work goggles.” By limiting their selection of a mate to the confines of a newsroom, journalists are ultimately setting themselves up for a crash-and-burn relationship. Competition for A1, scoops and the sheer fact of spending 22 hours a day in the same room with another human being can kill a relationship faster than the decline of newspaper subscriptions. Needless to say, picking a mate from within a newsroom can have its disadvantages.

But only by dating a fellow journalist can one get away with saying, “Baby, I’m not gonna make it over tonight. I just got a tip and . . . .” Say that to someone outside the industry and that journalist probably just lost another reader and bed buddy. But say it that to a fellow journalist and the reply will be: “Want me to bring my video camera?”


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  1. Prefers reporters says:

    How long did it take the White House press corps to unmask “Jeff Gannon” as a (literal) prostitute?
    Oh, wait, they never did.

  2. Ron Prichard says:

    “Journalists’ code of ethics forbid being in bed with sources but the code says nothing about being in bed with fellow journalists.”
    the code may say that, but I’m betting Andrea Mitchell has done more for her career as Al Greenspan’s main squeeze than the city hall reporter gets out of dating the cops reporter, etc.

  3. Carolina says:

    Guys, this is hilarious! I am a brazilian reporter, working in Sao Paulo, and after reading your blog I can’t help but wonder if journalists are all the same in any part of the globe. Keep it up!

  4. anonymous says:

    I love this blog! But, alas, I found a typo: “Picking a mate from within a newsroom can have it’s fuck ups disadvantages.”
    It’s? Really? You’re welcome. :)

  5. Katie C. says:

    Not only is it annoying to search for a mate who can hold a conversation with someone covering the political arena but it’s also a pain to find someone who can accept that you have to spend more nights than not tied to your desk. This one is right on!

  6. Graham says:

    Where are you working at Katie C.? :-P

  7. Al Moldovar says:

    Being tied to your desk can have its advantages :-)

  8. I don’t remember ever dating a journalist, but there were a few PR flaks.

  9. Lavinia says:

    Love this, it is so true. Trying to find someone to hold an intelligent conversation with…almost impossible outside of journalism unless you want to talk to yourself.
    Love this site and visit often. Makes me laugh every time. :)

  10. John Hudson says:

    The couple in the clip art used to illustrate this post are way too well dressed to bwe real journalists. Maybe they’re Republican journalists. Wait, there are no Republican journalists.

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  12. John says:

    Yep. As a metro reporter, I married a copy editor. No time to meet anyone else. Plus she gave good headlines.

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