Stuff Journalists Like – #9 Coffee

Coffee Coffee. It’s the Gatorade for journalists. Just a mention of the brew can be enough to excite the loins of any journalist.

It’s the juice that keeps journalists writing until 11 p.m. and be back in the newsroom at 8 a.m. for the morning budget meeting. If there is coffee brewing somewhere in public, there’s a good chance a journalist is in the vicinity. It is not uncommon to see a group of journalists gathered around a pot of coffee or in coffeeshop, sipping on some brew with notebooks tucked in back pockets and talking shop.

Publically, journalists will only admit to drinking a free-trade, all-organic, Sumatran blend. But a look inside a journalist’s car, one will see empty 7-Eleven and Starbucks cups.

Though not preferred, the newsroom coffee, that pot that just sits and steams in the break room, will do during a crunch or before that second round of revisions on that 90-inch weekend centerpiece with two sidebars, graph and seven breakouts.


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  2. Kate says:

    C’mon, people! Use your spell check.
    Sp. “vacinity” -> “vicinity”
    Geez . . .

  3. Cole says:

    Just a mention of of the brew can be enough to excite the loins of any journalist.

    “of of”, where are the editors?

  4. education says:

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