Stuff Journalists Like – #45 Jon Stewart

Ask journalists who their news anchor idols are and you’ll get reputable names like Cronkite, Murrow, Jennings, Koppel. Well, at least publicly. But ask any journalist who his or her favorite anchor is after a beer or two and you’re likely to hear one name – Jon Stewart.

After a long day of transcribing bullshit from politicians, corporations and their editors, journalists love nothing more but to come home and wash it all down with a tall, cool glass of sarcasm served perfectly chilled by Mr. Stewart.

Though Stewart professes he is not a journalist and his show is not a news show, when you are as trusted as Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, Dan Rather and Anderson Cooper and your show is favored over the nightly news by young people, face it, you’re more of a journalist the most in the biz.

Journalists’ love of Stewart is really rooted in envy. Unlike most journalists, Stewart is not bound by those pesky codes of ethics or worrying about conflicts of interests. He says everything we want to but can’t. Journalists relish watching Stewart calling out politicians for their bullshit. Journalists wish they had their own Camera 3.

Plus, TV journalists are jealous of the Daily Show’s anchors being about to do their location shots in front of a green screen 10 feet from the news desk.

While journalists typically try their hardest to avoid saying something stupid, inaccurate or idiotic but if when they do, they set their TiVos in hopes of catching Jon Stewart mocking them on The Daily Show. While journalists’ love for Stewart is obvious, it seems Stewart loves journalists more. Without journalists’ bumbles, mistakes and penchant for wanting to be Tasered, Stewart’s nightly 30 minutes would be filled with fart jokes and impressions of George Bush (not that those things are necessary a bad thing). Journalists are the straight man, the set up, and Jon Stewart is the punch line.

On every journalist’s TiVo are bound to be episodes of 60 Minutes, 30 Rock and of course, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Stewart is one thing most journalists can agree on.



  1. Hizzy says:

    Ha ha you’re an idiot. Yeah, those folks in the leftwing media like NYT are real honest brokers, aren’t they? Jayson Blair, anybody? Dan Rather-Memogate? I don’t know of anyone at Fox News who has so egregiously violated all manner of journalistic ethics as have those in the so-called “mainstream” media.

  2. Brown says:

    You sir are and idiot.

  3. Bill says:

    Hizzy, you probably haven’t noticed but Fox “News” doesn’t stick their neck out far enough to actually break news in the real world. They’re main job is to carry water. They lie regularly and without compunction and they encourage violent extremism but they’re not what anyone would call a news gathering organization.

  4. catherine t. says:

    lol/Bill. Clearly, you are not a ‘Fox News watcher’. Maybe you prefer MSNBC or one of the alphabets? These are the water bearers for Obama; and we know how they pour it on – and out – for their audience. Can only hope that you and ALL the Leftist sockpuppets who carry water as well; will find a more honest measure of backbone. . .and actually tune into Fox News. (Like learning to eat spinach because it is good for you; you need to do this more than once.)
    Dare to go; if only because you are warned ‘not to’! Recognize the Leftist demigoguery! Dare to hear the truth; they do not want you to hear! Dare to go to forbidden places. . .your nightmares of violent extremism will end, as well.
    Are you not even curious as to why it is; the Left Masters so want to protect you from other sources of information? (Because the more a ‘sockpuppet’ hears the truth; the easier it will become to recognize it.) Stop living their insult; take off your soggy ‘Obama sandals’ and go; while you still can.

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