Stuff Journalists Like – #58 Being Font Snobs

Journalists do not have a taste for the finer things in life. Real journalists won’t be seen sipping from a glass of $600 Scotch or sporting a flashy watch. For the most part, journalists prefer cheap Scotch and most check the time on the same Timex they wore while getting swirlies in middle school.

But there is one thing journalists are snobs about: Fonts.

Some people are foodies or label whores. Journalists are font snobs. For journalists, font is just as important if not more important than content.

Just as wine snobs talk about their favorite red and white wines, journalists can go on endlessly about favorite serifs and san serifs. Journalists prefer fonts like Myriad, PalatinoArial, Georgia. Cambria, and of course, the always trustworthy Times New Roman. 

Just like a Cigar aficionado can describe a Bolívar Cuban cigar as full-bodied, strong, seasoned and robust, journalists describe fonts like Helvetica be as true, earthy and resilient.

When it comes down to it, journalists have the same rule for font as they do design: substance over style. Don’t show a journalist impractical font like Giddy Up or Stencil. Journalists want a font that is elegant but simple and doesn’t distract the reader from their copy. Coincidently, those are the same traits journalists look for in a mate.

Journalists may have differing opinions on what their favorite font is but the one thing journalists agree on is their hatred for the dreaded comic sans font. Even with the limitless space of a blog, there isn’t enough space to air the collective disgust for the childish font that makes some journalists throw up a little.

Whenever journalists see comic sans, their initial reaction, after the involuntary vomiting, is to mock and ridicule the author.

Same goes for Papyrus. Fuck that font.


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  1. tktk says:

    Arial or GTFO.

  2. Celine says:

    I love Papyrus!

  3. Mut says:

    Times New Roman allll the way

  4. Craig McGill says:

    Ironically enough, the Comic Sans font is one of the best there is online for people with dyslexia. It’s a lot easier for them to read.

  5. journalista says:

    Did anyone else love Comic Sans as a kid because it looked like the font Ty used on Beanie Baby tags?
    Sigh, font-obsession begins at a such a young age…

  6. Jac says:

    Trajan Pro, yo. Regal & shit.

  7. Sigh says:

    Really? “Arial or GTFO”? No no, I think not. Myriad Pro is the legit version of Arial. It should be “Arial? GTFO.”

  8. hank says:

    Georgia is sexy as hell!

  9. Ryan says:

    Helvetica is far more superior than its closest competitor Myriad Pro.

  10. Michelle says:

    Um, it’s Times New Roman, not Tie New Roman … from an editor. :)

  11. Merzing says:

    At the press club?
    “Hi. I’m Merzing.”
    “Hi, Merzing”
    “I like Comic Sans.”

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