Stuff Journalists Like – #83 Lanyards

Journalists don’t get much nowadays to do their jobs.

All a journalist has is pen, notebook and a press pass if they are lucky. Journalists don’t have uniforms or shiny badges. They don’t get cool guns or tasers. And the closest thing to a company car a journalist ever sees is a ride-along in a cop car.

That’s why journalists like lanyards. It’s the only way a journalist has to express themselves in the field. A journalist’s lanyard often says a lot about them. While their collection of lanyards is only exceeded by the number of Taco Bell wrappers under their car seat, journalists have a standard favorite lanyard that they tend to wear on a daily basis.

At any high profile event journalists are given press passes attached to a lanyard. Sometimes these lanyards are so nice they cost more than the journalist’s entire outfit. Typically they bear some sponsors name such as Dell, T-Mobile or Doritos.

Some limited edition lanyards bear the event name such as “X Games” or “DNC.” These are collectors for journalists and let them show off to other journalists the high profile exclusive events they have covered thus making them feel very important and special; two key emotions for journalists.

Some journalists, i.e. sports reporters, reject the trend of fancy colorful lanyards in turn using a piece of twine, chain or rolled up duct tape as a makeshift lanyard.

The No. 1 reason journalists like lanyards is because it lets them prominently display their press passes feeling special and important.


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  1. Mark Mende says:

    I hear ya. I’m all about the swag. I loved going to sporting events and getting my press credential, which was always hanging on a cool lanyard. I also loved the promo packs we would get. I still have a leather CD holder that I got one year at the Big Ten Football Media Day back in 2001. I love that stuff!!

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