Stuff Journalists Like – #96 Windows XP

In this ever-changing media landscape, journalists are force to embrace change. They’ve become adjusted to adopting new tools – Twitter, Facebook, and Plungr. But there’s one constant that journalists can always depend on. That one thing that will never change – Windows XP.

Sure, there are newsrooms equipped with fancy Apple computers but there are also rumors of newspapers  that offer a 401K. For the other 80 percent of journalists, there’s Windows XP. It shouldn’t be surprising that newspapers still use XP. These are the same organizations who still use fax machines, CRT monitors and asbestos.

Along with the smell of newsprint and cluttered desks, Windows XP is a standard for newsrooms.

Sure, XP has been around since 2001. What’s your point? Newspapers have proven that you don’t need to change with the times to survive. For journalists, Windows XP has become their security blanket – the same blanket they cry into after a grueling day of slinging copy for 16 hours (for 8 hours of pay). They might not like to admit it, but journalists find that XP startup sound very comforting.

Journalists love XP so much they don’t even bother change the default desktop image or the XP screensaver. Sure, if you ask a journalist, he or she will say it’s because they’re too busy talking to the mayor to be bothered with changing those settings but if you ask the IT guy, he’ll say it’s because journalists can’t find the Control Panel. Always two sides to a story.

Journalists like XP because they see a little bit of themselves in the operating system. Sure, there are better and more advanced options but it’s always dependable. Susceptible to viruses? Sure. But it’s what you have known for years. Is it as sexy and stylist as Apple’s fancy OSX? Maybe not but it’s the second most used operating system in the world. And when you have a monopoly, why change?


  1. Sam says:

    I’ve worked in numerous newsrooms and they’ve always used Macs – often very old Macs, but Macs. I guess I’ve been lucky.

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