The Independent’s Headline Blooper


The Independent of London learned the lesson of double checking headlines before sending the paper to print. The jump headline for this story reads: “Royal College of GPs in U-turn on sas Health Bill astktnkansyttasasasasas.” Or just don’t use dummy headlines to avoid these kind of bloopers.

Thanks to @AyeshajavedPEN for sharing the photo.


  1. Guy Rintoul says:

    “Or just don’t use dummy headlines to avoid this bloopers.”

    It’s ironic that a sentence about bloopers doesn’t make sense… Either “this blooper” or “these bloopers” ;)

  2. Mitch says:

    As a layout sub I always put hyhyhy in the headline space to see where the ascenders and descenders hit. Haven’t had any problems, yet!


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