Citizen Stripes: Citizen Kane Mashed with The White Stripes

What journalist doesn’t like a nice movie trailer mash-up, especially when the movie is the journalism-classic “Citizen Kane?”

Trailer mash-up master Jeff Yorkes sent me his newest mas-hup – “Citizen Kane” mashed with The White Stripes song “Union Forever.”

I’m wasn’t too familiar with this particular song so I had Yorkes explain why he used it for his “Citizen Kane” mash-up.

“Union Forever” is a song  from the White Stripes “White Blood Cells” album.  The first time I listened to the song, I was like, “how do I know all these lyrics,” only to realize that they’re all bits of dialogue from “Citizen Kane.”  Apparently Jack White is a huge Orson Welles fan– hell, his label is even called “Third Man Records.”  I had made one CINEMASHUP before– my  ”Misery” meets Green Day’s “Pulling Teeth” one and, once I made the “Union Forever” “Citizen Kane” connection, I decided I had to make the video.   I love the White Stripes and I love the masterpiece that is “Citizen Kane”– one of the greatest movies about power and the media ever created.

Yorkes is also the man behind the kick-ass “All the President’s Men” and “Sabotage” mash-up.

I discovered Vimeo a couple of years ago and started posting my new CINEMASHUPS on there.  A “Fight Club”/Florence + The Machine CINEMASHUP I did got a lot of attention.  ”Fight Club” author Chuck Palahniuk posted it on his website and it spread like wildfire.  Invigorated, I started posting all my older CINEMASHUPS on there and one of the ones that–out-of-nowhere– started getting attention was my Beastie Boys/”All the President’s Men” CINEMASHUP.  The Washington Post tweeted it.  The Watergate hotel tweeted it!! Amazing.  To it was bittersweet that “All the President’s Boys” got a bunch of attention after MCA’s death is an understatement.  Still, it is an absolute joy seeing people digging what is really just my hobby.

When he’s not putting together badass trailer mash-ups, Yorkes is actually a freelance trailer editor. He’s worked on trailers for “Bellflower,” “Detachment,” and the upcoming documentary “Mansome.”

My CINEMASHUPS start with either the song or the movie.  But it has to be a movie I love and a song I love.  Sometimes I just wanna cut the movie and need to find a song that fits.  Case in point: my “Big Lebowski” CINEMASHUP, “The Dude.” I love the movie and desperately wanted to try and make a CINEMASHUP of it.  One day, the Quincy Jones song “The Dude” came up on my iTunes and that was it.  Cut it in two days.  Other times, it’s the song.  ”Keep Yourself Alive” is my favorite Queen song and I knew it could lend itself to a good horror movie.  Ridley Scott’s “Alien” just seemed to fit.  That one was a blast to cut.

Follow Yorkes on Twitter at @JeffYorkes and watch his other trailer mash-ups on Vimeo.


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