One Paper Had the Brass Balls to Defy the AP

Saw this at work and couldn’t help but chuckle. Take that AP! To this day, the paper continues to defy AP style, which still states chili is not spelled with an e.

p.s. – It’s just been pointed out that “embarassed” is misspelled. Thanks Guess along with the AP Stylebook, this award throws out the dictionary.


  1. I wonder how many people have noticed, over the past 29 years, that “embarrassed” is misspelled.

  2. Walker says:

    “Take that AP!”
    Shouldn’t that be “Take that, AP!”

  3. Julia says:

    Meh – it’s New Mexico. You can’t expect us to get every damned thing right!

  4. motleymuse says:

    there’s a dictionary in new mexico?

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