Election Night Dinner

It’s a tradition that on Election Day journalists are treated to free dinner by the bosses in thanks for their hard work reporting on election results (also because journalists are too busy to actually take a dinner break).

Below are journalists’ photos of their Election Night dinner. Tweet a photo of your Election Night dinner with the hashtag #PartyLikeaJournalist and we’ll try to post your photo (we’re also covering the election tonight).


PIZZA'S HERE! #electioncoverage #partylikeajournalist

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Election night. Pizza and tabular results. #partylikeajournalist

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Dinner at the @abqjournal on Election Night. #PartyLikeaJournalist

via @ChrisJOrtiz (the @JournalistsLike guy)

Our modest little election spread here at the Pioneer. #partylikeajournalist

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cheese party in the newsroom ... but no wine yet? #Election2012 #partylikeajournalist

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New! Apparently pizza is equally bipartisan. #onlyonelectionnight #partylikeajournalist

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At Skagit Valley Herald, the publisher's cake has a stars and stripes surprise. Delicious too #partylikeajournalist

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Election night party! #PartyLikeAJournalist

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Even though I'm the sports editor, I still like election night pizza in the newsroom. #partylikeajournalist

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The spoils of election night. #partylikeajournalist

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Thank god. #electionfood “@amartinmedia: OH: "It's election night. Calories don't count." #partylikeajournalist”

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Election Night pizza at The Florida Times-Union @jaxdotcom #partylikeajournalist twitpic.com/baxyi8

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Election dinner 2012 #partylikeajournalist

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There's salad with the election night pizza at the @TB_Times! #sacrilegious #partylikeajournalist

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Demolished. #electionnight #pizza #partylikeajournalist #wivote


And this makes it officially an election night. #PartyLikeAJournalist

via @LukeMorris


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