NewsCastic – Something Journalists (Hopefully) Like


Local news is broken. I don't think I'm saying anything groundbreaking or surprising but it's the unfortunate reality of things right now for journalists and for readers. After years of declining revenue and staff reductions, local newspapers don't … [Read more...]

Stuff Journalists Like – #212 Authoring Alliterative Articles


Journalists just jump for joy at the chance to run an alliterative headline. So much mention is made of the most… I’m sorry, but I can only take this so far. I was going to try to write a completely alliterative column, but I’ll spare you the … [Read more...]

“RIM” Headline Jokes – 1984-2013

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Today Research in Motion announced it was changing its corporate name to Blackberry, marking a dark day for headline writers. No longer will they be able to make "RIM" and "RIM job" jokes in headlines. Our thoughts are with them. … [Read more...]

How Journalists React to News of Free Food in the Break Room


[Read more...]

Used Rugs

Photo Jan 15, 6 55 55 PM

Apparently Lance Armstrong is also accused of dealing used rugs.   … [Read more...]

The writing is on (this) wall for newspapers

Photo Jan 10, 3 10 38 PM

This photo captures the sad state of newspapers. The Texas  e sp per Fo un ation can't even afford to (or at the very least, doesn't care to) maintain the upkeep of its sign, it probably isn't a good sign (pun) for newspapers and the industry. … [Read more...]

6 things you can miss while reading a newspaper

A Belgian newspaper advocacy group released a promotional video that shows how engaging newspapers can be. Three top advertisers were given a free ride in a chauffeur-driven car to prove how engaging newspapers are for advertisers to reach readers. You … [Read more...]

Give a Gift to your Paperboy (or Papergirl)

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because Esquire says so (apparently there's no love for the mailman). … [Read more...]

At Least They Spelled Thanksgiving Correctly


We understand it's the holidays and people get busy but these typos are inexcusable. We should all be thankful we have spell check.   via Reddit via @aarongottlieb via … [Read more...]

Election Night Dinner

Thank god. #electionfood “@amartinmedia: OH: "It's election night. Calories don't count." #partylikeajournalist”

It's a tradition that on Election Day journalists are treated to free dinner by the bosses in thanks for their hard work reporting on election results (also because journalists are too busy to actually take a dinner break). Below are journalists' … [Read more...]