Real Journalists Don’t Use Wikipedia


                Clip is from the Starz show Boss, which I highly recommend (especially if were disappointed with The Newsroom). One of the secondary storylines involves a reporter from the … [Read more...]

Sources not calling you back?


Do what Frustrated Journalist Cat would do and #PartyLikeAJournalist … [Read more...]

New York Times Changes Headline About Banker Photographer


Last week, the New York Times ran a story about foreign exchange trader Citigroup Chris Arnade who spends his free time photographing Bronx prostitutes. The newspaper originally ran the story under the headline, "A Banker Who Unwinds by Photographing … [Read more...]

D’oh! – How Journalists Feel When Interviewing Without a Recorder


  Thanks to @Adorkable_Alli for tweeting the photo.   … [Read more...]

Stuff Journalists Like – #37 Plush Assignments


The day-to-day life of a journalist is is anything but glamourous. They spend their days in asbestos-filled public buildings, courtrooms, and newsrooms. If they're not sitting through a public meeting, they're at crime scenes, school, or car accidents. … [Read more...]

Stuff Journalists Like – #98 Year in Reviews


Everyone has their own end-of-the-year rituals. Some people make resolutions for the New Year. Journalists do year in reviews. Newspapers and journalists use the final week of the year to compile their annual year-in-review stories. Journalists know … [Read more...]

Stuff Journalists Like – #96 Windows XP


In this ever-changing media landscape, journalists are force to embrace change. They've become adjusted to adopting new tools - Twitter, Facebook, and Plungr. But there's one constant that journalists can always depend on. That one thing that will never … [Read more...]

Stuff Journalists Like – #83 Anecdotal Ledes


When it comes to writing ledes, journalists have a number of different weapons in their arsenal. There’s the tried-and-true summary lede, which gives readers the five Ws and how. It’s simple and takes the least amount of effort, but usually it’s … [Read more...]

Stuff Journalists Like – #94 Infographics


If a photo is worth a thousand words, how much is an infographic worth? Sometimes it’s hard to put into words the events of a news story – that’s when infographics come to the rescue. Journalists wished they lived in a world where readers were … [Read more...]

Stuff Journalists Like – #83 Lanyards

lanyard press

Journalists don’t get much nowadays to do their jobs. All a journalist has is pen, notebook and a press pass if they are lucky. Journalists don’t have uniforms or shiny badges. They don’t get cool guns or tasers. And the closest thing to a … [Read more...]