An all new Stuff Journalists Like is coming

When I first started Stuff Journalists Like eight years ago, I was 26 and an education reporter at a small newspaper in Colorado. Since then, I moved to New Mexico, left journalism, returned to journalism, had a kid and got married (in that order), left journalism, cofounded a startup, returned to journalism and became lactose intolerant.

And through it all Stuff Journalists Like has gone through several iterations. When I first started it, it was an unapologetic ripoff of Stuff White People Like. We wrote posts like #20 - Nut Grafs and #23 - AP Style. Right away we got local and national media attention. It was fun. But things happened. People got busy. David moved on from journalism.

I tried to make it a daily blog but it's hard to carve out time for something that doesn't make any money when you have a full-time job, family and trying to build a company from the ground up. 

When I was doing the startup thing, I used SJL as a platform to promote the company. Sorry about that. 

But while I let the blog/website languish, I've been going at it hard with Twitter and, at a lesser extent,  Facebook. Twitter is easily my favorite social media thing. It's easy to fire off a funny observation about journalism, or share a link to a story story or video you think people will be interested. And retweets. I enjoy sharing and retweeting what people share with me. There's a lot of journalists who are a lot funnier than me. I've also enjoyed watching #PartyLikeAJournalist grow. I unofficially claim creation of the phrase and its a joy to see the the funny tweets people write using the hashtag

But now it's time to make Stuff Journalist Like a thing again. I've left my startup and I need an outlet for my musings and observations and I think SJL can be that. Maybe I'll do a some "#123 - Something Funny Journalists Like" posts. Maybe I'll post funny videos and stories that I think journalists will find funny. Maybe I'll post my observations on journalism, news, and life.  Maybe I'll post some dank memes.

If you have ideas or suggestions, let me know. I might listen to them.

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