9 Things Journalists Can Do to Keep Busy During Dead Week

For 51 weeks, journalists are busy answering phones, talking to sources and hustling between public meetings but during the last week of the year, all of that stops. The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is known by journalists as Dead Week. 

Phones don't ring. Newsmakers are not making news. And anyone on a government payroll or with a corner office is gone, leaving journalists to find news elsewhere. Save for Christmas tree fires and celebrity deaths, journalists are left with little to report. 

Journalists gotta stay busy so here are a couple of suggestions of things to do during Dead Week: 

Work on your undercover skills


Organize that stack of reporter's notebooks you've been hoarding since college

Ask yourself if you really need those notes from 2005. (You don't).

Ask yourself if you really need those notes from 2005. (You don't).

You could just sit by the phone hoping for a miracle that someone returns your call.

But don't hold your breath.

But don't hold your breath.

Or you can sit at your desk pretending to be busy.


Better yet, be productive and clean your desk.


While you're at it, clean that disgusting thing you call a car.


How about organizing the year's worth of papers cluttering your desk


You could start brainstorming story ideas for 2018


Or ... you can call it a day and head out to bar with your co-workers


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