Journalists and #Sandy


    \ Though this last one isn't from #Sandy, it's the fear journalists have trying to give a report in hurricane winds. Stay safe guys.   … [Read more...]

Undecided Voter


My reaction to when people ask me who I'm voting for.   … [Read more...]

Returning to Journalism is Hard


How I felt trying to write a short fire story after being away from a newsroom for two years. (via likeacollegejourno) … [Read more...]



There's photobombing and then there's newsbombing. … [Read more...]

One Paper Had the Brass Balls to Defy the AP

photo (1)

Saw this at work and couldn't help but chuckle. Take that AP! To this day, the paper continues to defy AP style, which still states chili is not spelled with an e. p.s. - It's just been pointed out that "embarassed" is misspelled. Thanks … [Read more...]

Real Journalists Don’t Use Wikipedia


                Clip is from the Starz show Boss, which I highly recommend (especially if were disappointed with The Newsroom). One of the secondary storylines involves a reporter from the … [Read more...]

Reporter Gets Hit with Football


Who says journalists can't multitask? Think he got to keep his man card after that reaction?   … [Read more...]

Dads don’t let their daughters grow up to be journalists (or do they?)


You may have noticed that this blog has been slightly neglected over the past few months. Well, you can blame my daughter. Since becoming a father (insert adorable photo here) I've discovered that free time is a luxury. So my apologies for the lack of … [Read more...]

Sources not calling you back?


Do what Frustrated Journalist Cat would do and #PartyLikeAJournalist … [Read more...]

The Inverted Pyramid – the song


A song about the inverted pyramid? Yeah, we like this. Journalism is fun if your pyramid is inverted. Now where's the song for the nut graph? Thanks @TJRaphael1 for tweeting me the clip. … [Read more...]